Shoot your decision

Had you ever thought how the best snipers in the world manage to hit their targets even in the worst conditions? The Finnish sniper “Simo Hayha?” or as named by the red army of soviet union “White death” used to shoot without using a telescopic sight. How did he manage to do that in such harsh weather and far targets! The secret is shooting between heartbeats.
simo He managed to hit his targets with highest recorded sniper kills in the world. He takes his decision to shoot or pressing the trigger between heartbeats, this subtle moment of death. In decision making reaching your goal or hitting the target is what you always aim to reach at the end of any event.

Moving from shooting we can say that in decision making reaching your goal or hitting the target is what you always aim to reach at the end of any event, And that taking that decision between heartbeats is the tool for successful targeting, or at least this is my approach. In this fraction of second your brain is more focused than ever. It’s the steady state of your turbulent life, sometimes we do it by coincidence & it results in correct & successful decisions. I can’t say that this is the only factor, still, in that subtle moment other factors like your personal capabilities affects your decision, but I can claim at least that you will never regret your decision applying this method as it will be totally based on your subconscious intelligence. More advance you can teach yourself to lower your heart rate. Why do you think most of the great ideas pop up when you are in shower or about to sleep? Why this poetic feeling when you sit on the beach alone?

It’s because of being calm; increase the possibility of aiming your target between heartbeats, the more you are calm, the lower is your heartbeats rate you will have. That’s a rule of thumb. So is it possible? Currently most snipers are trained to do shoot between heartbeats. They train them to lower their heart rate. Some succeed and some failed, but still, it was proven that it is possible. So giving it a try in other decision making situations is not a waste of time.

Finally, Observe, activate your intuition, take a deep breath to increase the chance of thinking between heartbeats and build your decision reasoning based on that and you will hit your target!

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