10 myths about being strong

What is not being strong! We all want to be strong, self controlling, and leaders. Some want to reach that for career reasons, and some for having a better social life, or personal life. Or maybe to achieve that gold Olympic medal. In all cases, strength, and being “strong” is desired by every one we meet, and our selves. Because of that, many books, articles, blog posts, discussed about “How” to be strong. Some are quite useful and some are just random text for profitable reasons! Here, we take a different approach, instead of “How” to be strong, we get to understand “What” it means being strong. Below are 10 myths about being strong.


1) Strong people don’t need support

As they say, the worst part of being strong, is that no one ever asks if you’re okay. Strong people tend to be the one that their family, friends, and loved ones relies on when they have a problem. But quite rare that someone notice when a strong person does have a problem himself. By common sense they do! And they do need support that time.


2) They need no guidance

Usually we depend on strong people for an advice or maybe guidance, we tend to forget that they need as well guidance and support. In fact, it’s quite rare to find a strong person with an easy past! Speaking of that, probably same scares and tough time that made her/him strong, hurts or makes them feel lost.


3) Strong people are critic

Many people tend to fear sharing or speaking with strong people. They think that they are so successful, so confident, that they will crunch them with their intelligent logical smart brain. Well, not really! Strong people don’t put others down; they lift them up. Those who put you down are negative people, not strong. Don’t mix them up, its easy to do so. One pleasure is to bring you down, other is to lift you up!


4) Usually self-centered

A strong person might speak about her/his achievement, but they will never be showy or forget about others! Strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us, but those who win battles we know nothing about.


5) Strong people don’t get sad as often as others

This might be the most misleading of them all, if not, causing all the pervious misunderstandings. A strong person is not the one who doesn’t cry. A strong person is the one who cries and shed tears for a moment, then gets up and fights again.


6) Being strong is a life long thing

Strong people can stay strong for long time, and they can have few moments of weakness. But sometimes the strongest people in the morning, are the people who cried all night!


7) Strong people stick to their opinion

Or in other words, strong people are stubborn! Usually weak people do that, strong people learned from their life experience that things can change, and that ideas of others matters. Strong people find it cool to change their opinion when they receive new information. We tend not to present this information just because we fear from number 3!


8) Many strong people are arrogant

That is a tricky one, we can confuse arrogant people with strong ones. Both of them tend to be successful, both look handsome, both might be rich. But they are absolutely different. In fact, nothing annoys a strong person than arrogance. Strong people just approve themselves more than they criticize it, they make sure to keep the balance between these two sides.


9) Strong people are relationship leaders

They can be very useful at hard time, but they can’t lead everything! It doesn’t need two strong couples at the same time! As we discussed in point 6, strength doesn’t last eternally! A successful relationship is when both take turns being strong for each other in the moment the other feels weak.


10) They are perfectionists

Being perfectionist is not related by any means to being strong, you can be strong and not perfectionist, and the other way around. Strong people are as such because they have the strength speaking about their problems/mistakes. They as well tend to share with others what they see in them as weakness as a form of support. But don’t fall in point 3 or 8 when they support you powerfully! You need to trust their intention. They basically know that they can’t change the direction of the wind, but they can adjust their sails to always reach their destination. So they don’t fear talking about or facing wind.


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