About Me


In short words

If you draw a 3D horizon of technology, business & human behavior, you will find me somewhere in the middle with a tendency towards technology. Thus, I take a different approach when analyzing situations in my life, whether personal or business, viewing the ecosystem and studying its dynamics. I do so by breaking the case to its constitutional elements. In addition, I highly believe in humanocentrism; I take human factor in every aspect, that made me an engineer who reads about and studied neuroscience and psychology!

On a personal manner, I had various experience in NGOs, such as UN, Rotary, and Resala. A couple of political parties experience in Egypt as well. I learned a lot about the world through these experiences, and still keen to learn more. That made me a proud philanthropist. In my free time I like to read, write, and play/watch sports (Football, Table-Tennis, Archery).

What i love doing


I am an emergency first responder & rescue PADI diver. Diving inspires me to explore the 71% of earth, water!
The randomness, meditation, and calmness is incomparable underwater.


Underwater photography is my main passion, yet, i like to take photos of nature, and people interacting with it. A photo can say thousand words


I love reading. I think if any experience in life impacted me, and my personality most, it is reading. I read mainly about human aspects, spirituality, psychology, and science.


Sports is the second thing that helped me develop myself, after reading :). I play table tennis, and love football. I am pretty much up for any sport (except winter sports)

Mentoring & Coaching

Knowledge transferring is a mission in our life. I coach & mentor startups in Helsinki region, and Egypt to grow and develop their business.


I enjoy playing boardgames, mainly settlers Of Catan, and i play PS4 quite frequently, try beating my in Fifa :). Once a while, i do mobile gaming as well.

What i am proud of

Guinness World Record

Managed to achieve Guinness world group record for the largest underwater clean-up; where we removed foreign objects from the bottom of the sea.

United Nations

My work with the united nations, and certificate of recognition regarding youth entrepreneurship for women in developing regions.

Valedictorian Speech

Graduating top on my class, and being nominated & giving the valedictorian speech for Helsinki University Of Technology.

Paying back to the community

Very proud being part of Google For Entrepreneurs mentors network, Aalto Venture Program, and many other associations & events that i participated as a judge, mentor, or coach to the teams.

Where can you find me?

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