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The 8th continent with 2 habitants

We all like to travel. As Rumi said, “Travel brings power and love back into your life.” They teach us in school about 6 continents and 1 unique continent of snow and ice called Antarctica. Those who are lucky enough, they pack their bags and travel the world. In travel, we don’t only see new landscape, but we form new eyes of cultures, traditions, thoughts, history, and even habits! That said, there is one continent we tend to avoid traveling to. In fact, it is quite strange that most people can live all their life and pass away without even putting one step there. The irony is, that continent is mentioned in many documentaries, we argue about it now and then, and many claim knowing a lot about it. Practical wise, you can access it without any visa, all passports accepted, and although it might take you years to explore, you can reach and access it in few minutes! Aren’t you eager to know about that secret continent? At the end “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” As Augustine of Hippo said.



The Big “Why”

I used to live like anyone else, wakeup in the morning, have breakfast or even be faster due to the rush of life and start my day once opening my eyes and raise my body from the bed. Sometimes I wake up happy for no clear reason, and sometimes already bored or fed-up for no reason as well, or maybe some kind of tacit reason that if I spent my morning searching for it I will not catch my daily tasks that I have to do. After that I go to work or do my studies, have lunch, go out with friends, read a book or anything that will let me reach the noon  to spend it with the one I love or alone. Long day I had, O, finally its ending, time for dinner or any type of calories to kill my hunger then it’s time for bed again. The rest we all know or you can start reading again from line 1.


Shoot your decision

Had you ever thought how the best snipers in the world manage to hit their targets even in the worst conditions? The Finnish sniper “Simo Hayha?” or as named by the red army of soviet union “White death” used to shoot without using a telescopic sight. How did he manage to do that in such harsh weather and far targets! The secret is shooting between heartbeats.


Peace, Globalization and Intercultural communication

Peace is a desire that all the world fighting for, and the main reason it  doesn’t anymore, is that we are fighting for, which is the exact opposite of peace! Instead of trying to understand others and work on the real problem we have, instead of trying to apply globalization in its correct form; we tend to change others to follow our rules and views, but how then peace can be achieved in that world!? 

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